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Use the following details to connect:

Aus-2 server:

Port: 8880 for openspot/DV4mini, etc

Port: 55555 for MMDVM



1.  If you use a 7+ digit ID, it will connect as a hotspot (DMO) connection.  6 digit ID’s will be treated as repeaters and will need to be configured to achieve full functionality.  Contact for further information.

2. Use the domain name if this is supported by your system.  The IP addresses can change depending on the status of the servers, but we will ensure that the domain name are updated to reflect any changes.  If you need the real address, they are (currently):



More info from Roger VK3KYY’s site  here


If you connect via the Aus2 server, the reflectors are mapped to VK-DMR talk groups as described in the table below.

Note that reflector 4800 keys every VK DMR repeater.

As per normal repeater practice, please leave a break between overs for other stations – this is particularly the case with hotspots because of the network delay.

If you want to have an extended QSO, please QSY to a state based (480x) reflector or the chat channels 3808 or 9 via reflector 4808 or 9. 


DMR+ reflector VK DMR TG
4800 505 – VK wide
4801 3801 VK1
4802 3802 VK2
4803 3803 VK3
4804 3804 VK4
4805 3805 VK5
4806 3806 VK6
4807 3807 VK7
4808 3808 slot 2 user activated chat channel
4809 3809 slot 1 user activated chat channel